Current Apparatus

 Current Apparatus


Chief’s Vehicles - Driven by our Chief and First Assistant Chief (Charles T. Mellon, Jr. & Patrick W. Mellon, Sr.), these vehicles house first response equipment and communications equipment that allow the vehicles to serve as mobile command centers at incidents.

Car 220

Car 221

Mini-Rescues - Serving primarily for first response calls, these heavy-duty pick-up trucks are very effective for prompt response of manpower resources.

Rescue 123

Brush Vehicle - Our Brush Truck, B121 is equipped with various tools to quickly access and extinguish various outdoor and wildland fires.

Brush 121

Fire Engines - Most well known type of Fire Apparatus, our engines provide water, firefighting foam, and various hoselines for structural fire extinguishment as well as tools for vehicle extrication and stabilization, ladders, scene lighting, and much more.

Engine-Tanker 322

Engine-Rescue 323

Engine-Tanker 324

Utility Vehicles - These vehicles provide access to incidents not otherwise accessible by our larger apparatus.

Rescue 122

Rescue Boat