Congratulations, 2021 Officers!


On Monday, January 4th, 2021, members attended our Annual Meeting to elect this year's officers. On behalf of the members of the Bay Ridge Volunteer Fire Company, we would like to welcome and congratulate the newly elected Corporate and Line officers for the upcoming year, 2021:

Line Officers:

Fire Chief (second year of 2-year term) - Charles T. Mellon, Jr.

First Assistant Chief - Patrick W. Mellon, Sr.

Second Assistant Chief - John Schadwill

Third Assistant Chief - Robert Bell

Fourth Assistant Chief - John Tims

First Captain - Patrick W. Mellon, Jr. 

Second Captain - Jeremy Dickinson

Corporate Officers:

President - Charles T. Mellon, Sr.

Vice-President - Jeremy Dickinson

Secretary - Michael Palmer

Treasurer - Kevin Giambrone

Assistant Treasurer - Andrew Snide

Directors at Large:

Drew Gifford (Elected to three year term)

Gary A. West (Second Year of Three Year Term)

John Tims (Second Year of Three Year Term)

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