Meet Secretary Michael Palmer


Meet Secretary Michael Palmer

June 2019

Secretary Michael Palmer
Member since 2010

Mike Palmer was born and raised in Glens Falls, and moved to Queensbury after graduating High School. He's currently employed as the Town of Queensbury Fire Marshal with nearly 20 years of service. In addition, he's an advid cooker and an overall sports fan.
Mike joined Bay Ridge in 2010 with 30+ years of experience and service to the Queensbury region under his belt. He has served the Town of Queensbury Emergency Services in 1978, and was Chief of West Glens Falls for 9 years. He also served with Queensbury Central.

1. How much did you know about firefighting when you joined Bay Ridge? What was your biggest challenge during your first year?
I would like to think that when I joined I was "up to speed" on modern firefighting, however procedures and equipment change all of the time, and vary between departments, so an open mind is required.

2. Why did you choose to volunteer?
I felt an urge to help provide emergency services to the residents, and I was mentally and physically equipped to take on that challenge. In a volunteer setting, there is a job function to fit everyone. You simply need the drive to want to work hard and not expect compensation for  that work.

3. What is your favorite part of the job?
My favorite  part is both the friendships that are formed with other providers, and the satisfaction that you made the  difference in someones quality of life.

4. Do you have a fondest memory of your career thus far?
Being recognized by my peers as a good volunteer and a good team player.

5. Do you have a favorite specialization, or type of drill, that you prefer to focus on?
I think vehicle  extrication because it takes a good deal of technical thought and all participants must be harmony with each other for a successful operation.

6. Could you provide some advice for someone who may be thinking about volunteering?
This is difficult and demanding on your personal life and family structure. It is mandatory that you have a strong support network, as well as the desire to sacrifice. 

7. Any other messages for the community?
Queensbury truly is a great place  to live in part because of the dedicated fire  and EMS volunteers ready to take action 24 / 7 / 365 for you.

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