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Feeling hot hot hot...

Who doesn't love the summer? Sports, swimming, picnics, barbecues...nothing but fun and healthy activities. No, we're not here to drill you on the distance your grill should be from a residence (10ft) or the importance of managing your power usage when running your A.C. (though please follow manufacturer's instructions)....
However, we have already seen the heat take its tole. Excessive heat and heat waves come fast, and it becomes difficult to anticipate just how many factors are in play when the humidity and heat hit hard. So, we've come up with a few items to take into consideration for managing the hot weather...

  • As beautiful as it may be outside, it's actually more effective to shut windows and close your shades - this helps keep the heat out and the cool in. Open them for ventilation and fresh air when it gets a bit cooler.
  • The hottest time of the day is 11am-3pm. Not a reason to not go outside but, if you can, plan ahead by hydrating and consuming proper nutrition.
  • Wear a hat or walk in the shade whenever possible. Simply positioning yourself directly in sunlight significantly increases dehydration rates.
  • Place a damp cloth on the back of your neck - this location has significantly more nerve endings and can send the cooling sensation throughout your body. You can also splash your face with cool water to get quick relief, but know that this won't help for long if you are still in the sun.
  • Hydrate - hydrate - hydrate. You should be consuming more than your recommended daily amount of water. Typically, this is roughly 64oz though if you have a higher weight that means you should drink more water. Also avoid tea, coffee, or alcohol which could trick your body into thinking it's more hydrated than you actually are.
  • Speaking of alcohol...the importance of managing your drinking and matching your beers with water is very important. At this point hopefully you're aware of the trick alcohol plays by making you think you're hydrated until the dreadful morning after? Imagine adding on a day of dry weather in the beating sun on top of that. The impact of this combinations comes out of nowhere and can sometimes be very dangerous. PLEASE, if you're drinking outside be safe, drink plenty of water, and yes - have fun!

-The Bay Ridge Family



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