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(and other safety tips for a busy summer)

The busy season has arrived, and Americade is right around the corner! Here are a few reminders on how to share the road with motorcycles, and to avoid any accidents or injuries:
   1. Always signal, check mirrors, and blind spots!
   2. Take extra caution when driving larger vehicles with limited vision.
   3. Give motorcycles the whole lane - even though they are compact, they should be treated the same as any other vehicle.
   4. Treat motorcycle turn signals with caution. Motorcycle turn signals aren't self-cancelling, so the driver may have forgotten to turn it off from a previous turn.
   5. Give extra following & passing distance. Most times they slow down by rolling off the throttle rather than hitting the brakes, and can't brake at the same pace as most vehicles.

This year not only brings more motorcycles, but a substantial increase in traffic, as well.
Your best bet is to ALWAYS be aware! Changing lanes or making a turn should not be the first time you are aware of who is next to you. Always check mirrors and be conscious of who, and what, is in front, behind, and on either side of you.

And this goes without saying, but....
DO NOT use your phone when driving! This always applies, however with busy roads the scenario you saw a second ago can change instantly. Please take the extra precaution, and be smart - do not text or interact with your smart phones while driving!

A safe summer is a fun summer. You can't always count on other drivers and their abilities, so make sure you can count on YOU.



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