Ladies Auxiliary

Ladies Auxiliary Officers


Susan Mellon

Vice- President:

Melissa Hamlin


Sandra Dickinson


Maura Mellon


Trish Chatham

Pam Hunsinger

Rose Mellon

The Ladies Auxiliary of Bay Ridge Volunteer Fire Company provides invalubale service to the company.  Through support services on large incidents, they assist the firefighters in being able to perform their duty.  Also, the auxiliary supports the community and the department through a variety of fundraisers and programs that aid in the fire department acomplishing its mission.


The Ladies Auxiliary was founded in 1952; Mrs. Marjorie Bardin was the chairperson for the organizing committee.  The first pesident of the Auxiliary was Mrs. Esther VanVorst.  The meetings were held in Mohican Grange Hall and the group got to work immediatly.  In their first year, they were able to generate $150, which in modern value is about $1,500. Along with Marjorie Bardin and Esther VanVorst, the early members were Mary Martindale, Viola Melanson, Rachel Kubrikcy, and Ruth Parkhill.